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Exciting new 3D Mini Golf game for Android!

A fun and exciting 3d mini golf party with 7 varied courses over 126 holes.

The first in the series of fun mini golf scenarios to puzzle your mind. This game is a party from start to finish, traditional and imaginative holes in exotic destinations to help you relax and unwind.

You'll need to practice hard to complete all 7 courses of 18 unique holes each, this game will keep you entertained for some time to come. You'll want to unlock all 126 holes and then perfect your game to show your command of each dynamic puzzle.

A great 4 player game for the whole family to share, interact and learn through play. Challenge your friends and prove your mastery of the difficulties by being the master of the leader board. It takes practice and skilful knowledge to succeed at this sport, these courses present you with precarious dares between the easy way, or the hard way...

Even though it is a fully immersive 3d environment the control style is classic 80's era in genre, so you can enthuse about how games used to be.

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